Guest blogger – David Robertson

A couple of years ago I was looking through “The Art of Rebecca Horner”, while chatting with her at the Dundee Comics Creative Space. A nicely done tome, covering different aspects of her work. It got the wheels turning in my head that I’d like to do a book like this, maybe covering all my work from childhood to the present day.

Recently I decided I wanted to move on with this idea and so set about going over all the artwork I have. There was a lot. I decided to use the publication of “Berserkotron” in 2002 as the latest cut-off date for comics I could use, and found that although there were interesting bits and bobs from the 80s, it was the 1990s where the most usable material was. In fact, I found a contemporaneous scribbled plan for a 24 page comic which included stories to be featured. I could not resist using this as the template for what this new collection would be, including keeping the title. I added another 20 pages of material from across the decade. Here’s a brief rundown of what’s in the comic: “December 31st, 1994” features a visit from a physical manifestation of the year that is coming to a close. “Neck Hurts” shows a fleeting dozing thought on a train.

“Life is But a Dream” is a flight of fancy featuring a talking gorilla and a rocket ship. “P in the Park” concerns two old pals meeting up for a drink in the afternoon. TV canned laughter intrudes on Benny’s real life in “Bad Show Then”. Bureaucracy in outer space causes frustration in “Cosmic Checkpoint”. The grand science fiction adventure of Star Trek: The Motion Picture is boiled down to one page in “ST: TMP mini”. “Dave’s Dre AM Diary” is a series of comics based on dreams. Tony has a successful interview at “Okay Radio”. “Outside” is a science fiction adventure. It’s been an enjoyable experience going through this work, editing it up and doing production for this new collection. A bit like fulfilling a promise I made all those years ago. I hope you pick up a copy, and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading, and thanks to Paul Duder for the opportunity.